Online pokies are all the rage on Australia’s gambling scene. Many Aussies will gladly pay a bit of moolah for a chance to score big time. But did you know you can play free pokies to win real money, and not have to pay anything? It sounds like theft, doesn’t it? Well, it’s anything but. You can play free pokies online, win real money, and walk away without the bronze knocking on your door!

But how does that work? Well, it mostly comes down to the fact that online casinos want you to start and/or keep playing their games. Therefore, they try to create an incentive for you to give those reels a spin. One of the ways they do it is with free (also called no-deposit) pokies. With these online pokies, casinos hope to keep you active on their websites for as long as possible. Both they and we benefit from the arrangement, so nobody should be complaining!

We’ll show you the best online pokies Australia has on offer, but we feel we should make sure you know and understand how they work. They can surely pay off, but it comes with certain conditions. So let’s first look at them so that you aren’t dropping in the scene blind. After that, we’ll tell you: Go play free online pokies to win real money in Australia, what are you waiting for?!

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How to Play Free Pokies for Real Money

To start with, we can analyze the best methods by which people partake in free pokies online, win real money, and get in no trouble. There exist a couple of methods experienced gamblers use on the regular to get some wins without spending their earnings.

Free Online Pokies to Win Real Money

Use Sign-up Bonuses

As mentioned before, online casinos want nothing more than to collect as many players as possible. A terrific way of doing that is through appetising sign-up bonuses. These reward newcomers with perks that will help make their first time at the virtual casino as pleasing as it gets.

Casinos go about these bonuses in different ways, but overall, they’re roughly the same few kinds. Of course, these are the ones that proved the most effective, explaining why they’ve become widespread.

On that note, there are certain conditions that casinos set out for those who wish to play free pokies and win real money. For instance, websites for gambling will permit you to play only a few pokies with your bonus.

No-Deposit Bonus

The no-deposit bonus is among the most popular sign-up perks. No deposit bonuses are pretty simple. Once you join an online casino, the casino will transfer a relatively minor amount of cash into your account. With this financial boost, you’re welcome to play pokies, and there’s a chance that you can make a profit.

As lovely as it sounds, this bonus usually comes with a few limitations. For one, many casinos will insist that you play through your deposit (often 2 or more times the amount) before collecting your winnings. Secondly, there’s usually a set financial amount you can get with the cash the casino gifted you. Finally, the gambling website might remove your bonus if you use it on the wrong games (the ones the site doesn’t tell you to play).

Hours Played Bonus

Another commonplace benefit, the hours played bonus works similarly to the aforementioned one. There do exist a few key differences, however. Namely, the casino provides you with a hefty sum of moolah (significantly larger than the no-deposit bonus). Afterwards, you’ve got until a set time limit for scoring a certain amount of cash. If you cash out too early, in most cases the virtual casino will take away your winnings and your bonus.

Again, it isn’t a totally unlimited amount. Let’s say the casino procures 500AUD to you. They can, for example, let you transfer a max of 200 dollar’s worth of your winnings into your actual account. It might not sound much compared to the initial 500, but it still is a fine amount of cash in your pocket. Either way, a player can gamble on these free online pokies to win real money, and profit in a brief time window like this.

Free Spins

Free spins are the other most widely used type of bonus. This one is basically just what you imagine it to be. The website you signed up for gives to you a certain number of spins as a reward. You may use these on certain pokies that the casino approves. After they are all used up, you may cash out (partly, at least). The amount you get varies from one place to another, so check how many you’re entitled to.

There are other bonuses for signing up, but you’ll most probably run into the ones we listed above. It is a true fact that you do not exactly end up with loads of cash. In fact, some casinos will demand a minor deposit before your cashing out. Nevertheless, still, you can get actual cash by playing online pokies for free this way without putting a single cent on the line.

Participate in Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are solid opportunities to use free, for real cash, pokies. In these, you have a set timeframe in which to play and collect as much cash as you can. Typically, you have to pay a small fee in order to participate in these events. However, not every online casino requires that you pay this fee.

Microgaming, for example, conducts tournaments without charging a cent. Moreover, these tend to be run on all casinos powered by Microgaming. Wonderful as all this might sound, your odds of actually walking off with any real moolah are low. Tournaments like this normally award only a minor cash prize. Additionally, you play against thousands of other gamblers, so the chance that you will luck out is low. All the same, it’s a chance for a player to score some wins.

Retention Bonus

This may be the easiest method to use because it mostly requires that you do nothing! Here’s the idea: you join a casino, then you either play just a little or not at all. Then, you stay away from that casino for a time and wait. Since most casinos have a retention bonus for encouraging people to return to their website, you’ll probably receive one after a week or month of inactivity.

Retention bonus offers normally comprise of free spins. With them as your helpers, just play free pokies, win real money with a bit of luck, and enjoy the cash! Many gamblers actually use this tactic. They join as many casinos as feasible and watch the bonuses pile up.

Best Online Pokies in 2020

Now that you have a good idea of how to look for these money-making pokies and not break any rules, we can finally see which games you should play. These casinos below are the best sources of Australian online pokies. We’ve sorted them according to free spins and no-deposit bonuses separately.

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  • Heidi Doerr

    What are the chances of winning real money playing free online pokies?


    • Sam Daniel

      Heidi, many Aussie casinos offer small amounts of playing money as a sign of gratitude for registering your account. You can use this money to take a few spins at real money pokie machines, and, with a bit of luck, leave with some real cash.


  • Joseph Boyd

    I heard that many casinos in Australia also offer some free spins you can spend on specific pokie machines. Is this true?


    • Sam Deniel

      Yeah, sure. You can find many gambling sites that give away free spins for some real money pokie-games. They usually want to promote some fresh games in their selection this way. Just find a casino that offers free spins for the game you’d like to play, and give it a go.


  • Charlie Eliason

    I love competing with others, and I’ve heard about free online pokie tournaments. Can I really win some money at these events?


  • Sharon McKinley

    Please, guys, help. I want to try out the so-called “hours-played bonus” to play real money pokies for free, but I’m not quite sure how to? Can someone explain?


    • Michael Simbad

      Hi, John. These “hours-played bonuses” may seem like a generous gift at first. But, if you want to use them to win real money by playing online pokies for free, there is a catch. You have to set a time limit during which you are supposed to hit a winning combo. If you, however, fail to fit its time frame, you’ll lose your winnings


    • Michael Simbad

      Hi, John. These “hours-played bonuses” may seem like a generous gift at first. But, if you want to use them to win real money by playing online pokies for free, there is a catch. You have to set a time limit during which you are supposed to hit a winning combo. If you, however, fail to fit its time frame, you’ll lose your winnings.